Yesterday was a bit more action-packed, so I didn’t even prepared the full moon crystal card grid that I do sometimes during new or full moons as a support for  those members of my Facebook group named Applied Mysticism who want to connect to the grid and use its energy.

All of a sudden, a clearing process that was needed in the collective sphere was triggered in my kitchen that evening. For I am helping people in the collective energy levels (same as many other energy workers).

If you consider spiritual practice to be all about glitter, unicorns and double rainbows, you might be disappointed – it’s often quite awful in my practice.

Yesterday I suddenly said, “1886, Jack the Ripper, first murder!” and I almost threw up in my beautiful ceramic double sink.

The process of feeling the inner pain of the killer kicked in, I experienced the first of Jack the Ripper’s murders. Then the others. And then I got to the cause of his pain, exploring why he did it.

I was shown that as just a little boy he had some sort of surgery done on his abdomen. Unfortunately he didn’t fall asleep as the anesthesia didn’t work, so he consciously experienced the whole process and couldn’t scream or defend himself. His mother took him there and he was angry with her for that. He was extremely traumatized and that’s why he had to deal with it. He did the same thing to women. Because he was angry with his mom for the surgery and he needed to get that pain and trauma out of his system (it didn’t work that way).

I breathed through all of this and warmed it all with love so that the tension presented in the collective level could be healed.

Any such big emotional tension will make an upswing and any imbalance has to be balanced, that’s just how it goes. And the traces of these emotions, these tensions from the collective level of mankind, we divide amongst ourselves in different ways. Each of us suffer and weep away a little bit with our ordinary life.

Each one of us is part of a group and therefore we all have traces from the collective level of human energies in our aura.

The larger tensions are usually shared among a larger number of people, each weeping away a little bit in the course of life.

That’s why during their regression more different people can remember that they were, for example, Joan of Arc in their past life. This is because they carry a piece of Joan´s emotional energy in the collective part of their energy field. It’s not proof that reincarnation is nonsense, but rather confirmation that we’re all connected at some points of consciousness.

Of course, I immediately had to search the Internet for when Jack the Ripper went on a spree then, because I had no idea, and I was shocked to find that the year that came out of me was probably correct, 1886 really.

So I probably didn’t help the police or scientists in any way with this article, but I surely did help people’s energies in a way that someone somewhere won’t have to chew off pieces of this specific collective human tension.

The Life of a Witch Edition.

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