Ancient Cults‘ Energies still in the Process of Being Healed

I’m updating and expanding on my article from September 2019, as this topic is still being worked on and there is still much to do.

There are a lot of processes going on right now on the planet as part of the transformation, which is basically kind of a big spring cleaning from fear to love. There is a cleansing of mental forms going on in the collective energy field, which are, for example, idols of smaller cults, entities with embedded information, programmed to appear to certain types of people, etc.

It’s done in the same style as working in the individual field, pulling it up for resolution, sending it down depending on the type of mental form, and letting it pass through people’s bodies so it can be completely closed. So, in the human field, all kinds of programs appear out of nowhere, appearing to be, for example, an embodied program, a fear entity, but seemingly without any intelligence of its own, seeming to spread like some kind of energetic „virus“ that only catches, as a rule, a certain circle of people. This is because these people were, in some incarnation, members of the particular cult whose idol is currently being destroyed up above.

On a personal level: the point for you is not to get rid of the virus/program/entity, but to deal with my unhealed stuff that the entity has come to show me that I have somewhere – to deal with what it’s pointing out to me. Use what is happening to you for your growth and don’t panic that the entity is attacking.

The process is still ongoing and as long as we have some unhealed things and immaturity, there will be more and more stages of revelation, please count on that, it’s the plan and it’s okay. As we go vibrationally higher, the programs that we are able to address are chosen accordingly – not only the personal ones, but the collective ones as well.

Going from below and addressing the virus only in the individual does not work, or it is not a constructive and energetically effective way to address the cause. If you just „rip out“ the „demon“ and clean up your place or your friend’s place, you are not solving the cause and you are not helping others who are also being reached by the program, and you may not even know these people personally in this incarnation.

You need, if it doesn’t take you to the collective level, to stay calm and deal with yourself, your fears and your inner processes. But if it does let you in, go there (to the mental collective realm) and sort out the program, the idol that is like an octopus down there with lots of energy tentacles pointing towards individual souls. When you resolve the „octopus head,“ the water always flows downhill, so it automatically clears everything down to the individuals, even though you may not even know them physically.

The background to this realization was a story from my practice, when I was occupied by the devil, which appeared in my field and in the field of some of my friends, like a fear virus for witches.

 In my search for the cause, I came to a past life when I was a witch and a member of a local church at the time fell in love with me, I rejected him and he and his colleagues created a rather powerful mind-form with the intention of not allowing me or the women witches close to me to be happily in love. He created it easily because he was a priest, celebrated mass and thought unkindly while doing so, and was unhappily in love.

Yes, that’s how powerful human beings can be, we have the ability to create reality and no energy is lost on its own, plus the power of his falling in love, plus the spiritual process of the mass. Simply a power. His thought form, as one of many within the transformation, has already activated and come forward to be cancelled. Eventually, the „octopus head“ and other circumstances I illuminated with love, thereby automatically canceling this program down to all the individuals it was interfering with.

There is no need to be afraid, everything that is done and shown to us is done and shown to us so that we can know ourselves through it, so that something can be resolved and so that the very place in our field where we have something to heal can be healed.

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