Spiritual processes during a lunar eclipse

14 října, 2021

Do you like articles like „here we go again with the full moon“?

I don’t.

Most of the time I just see the time fly by.

But this time there’s a full moon that I’ve noticed happening for a number of different reasons.

There will be a total eclipse of the full moon on May 26, it will be what is known as a bloody flower super full moon.

There will be several things happening at once.

First, the Moon will be in an orbit that is not exactly circular, but elliptical, at the closest point to Earth. That’s where the name „super“ full moon comes from, because it will look the biggest to us – optically, it’s said to be about 12% bigger than when Luna is at the furthest part of its orbit from Earth.

At the same time, the full moon will be at an angle where it exactly overlaps with the Earth’s shadow, meaning there will be an eclipse. This does not happen at every full moon because the relative positions of the heavenly bodies for this phenomenon to occur are quite specific. More often, the Moon is more or less outside the shadow cone emanating from the Earth.


The eclipse will only last about 14 minutes, during which time the moon will visually turn red, which is the next thing that occurs – a red or also blood moon. This is the optical effect of the fact that while sunlight contains all the colors of visible light, the gases in the Earth’s atmosphere scatter/refract the blue wavelengths of light (so the sky looks blue to us), and the red ones can „pass through“ to the Moon.

The eclipse will not be visible from Europe, it will be observable mainly in Australia, America, Antarctica.

There will be a solar eclipse on June 10, which will be visible in Europe.

The next eclipses this year will not take place until the lunar eclipse in November, visible in most of Europe, and the solar eclipse in December, more visible in the southern hemisphere.

And as for the spiritual processes in a lunar eclipse, the Moon symbolizes the unconscious, the subconscious, the shadows, the hidden programs of the mind, one could say karmic roles and identities, whereas the Sun symbolizes consciousness, the illuminated conscious programs of the mind, the shining unchanging essence.

So let’s get back to next week.

With a lunar eclipse, it is possible to go through a great transformational confrontation with oneself, hidden fears, dark sides of the personality that we have not known are surfacing.

It is recommended to work, meditate and set intentions in the time before the eclipse. And right during the ongoing eclipse, just stay calm, go about your normal activities, withdraw into yourself a bit, conserve your energy, and let it flow, don’t get caught up in the process.

The eclipse is most beneficial where it is visible, but you can ask and join in. Jump on the wave even from a place where it is not visible.

And that’s exactly what I plan to do.

And since I’m addressing materialization, I’m running my email mini-course next week called The Money Mystique.

Join us, too.

I expect that the processes associated with the eclipse will help us pull out with above-average intensity the subconscious progroms that it’s time to become aware of, pull out of the darkness into the light, heal and let go.

I look forward to seeing what comes out again.

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