? When you consciously decide to settle for something less than what you know vibrationally fits you ( = than you „deserve“), after a while you find yourself ending up with something even less than what you first decided to settle for.

For example, you decide that a partner with sexual problems who just doesn’t sleep with you and probably won’t, is enough for you, so you lower your standards and settle for a sex-less partnership. But after a while, you find out that not only you don’t have a peaceful relationship, but your partner is also in debt and you have ten of his or her evictions on your apartment out of the blue, which he or she will dump on your head and refuse to deal with.

Or you take all your stuff out of the car all by yourself so you don’t disturb your partner’s activities. You expect praise for being independent and he not only doesn’t appreciate you, but also blames you for your dirty shoes or being late.

Or you give your service far below value, and people not only don’t appreciate it, they don’t even show interest.

I don’t think the key is to settle and lower your standards. But to figure out where and why I’m dimming my own radiance. Where am I choosing a vibration that doesn’t match the potential I want to manifest? Which my subconscious energy is not aligned? Where are the reasons that this is happening to me, that I have brought this upon myself?

The woman who took the groceries out of the car by herself has resorted to the role of maid, but she belongs in the role of queen. If she had asked her partner for help carrying things (for it is no humiliation to ask for help), he would have gladly done it for her. But she went into the role of maid, and there she was toiling, so he took it out on her by being obnoxious. She probably went into the energy of a maid because she won’t ask for help, after all she can do it herself, she won’t show her weakness because once she showed it she was hurt – even though she has long forgotten it, she needs to sort it out.

A woman with a man with foreclosures probably has to find a reason somewhere inside herself why she is rejecting the man, why she is rejecting sexuality, because she didn’t choose this partner by accident.She chose him because without sex and intimacy she is safe, she doesn’t have to dig into topics that hurt her. Until she heals them more, moves into „new energies“ (as I call it) relationally, she won’t attract a different type of man, more like the same type all the time, on the contrary, it might even escalate, so that she actually finally gets it.

The one who gives his service below cost may be focused on customers and on hunting them, pushing, needing more, afraid of not making a living, not trusting himself, his service, or that there is enough in the universe. As in relationships, not to pressure the other to like me, but to like myself and to shine my self-love, to fill my life with my happiness, to trust that the right thing will find me – because what is vibrationally aligned with me cannot pass me by.

If I want to move towards what I desire because I don’t have it in my life, I need to make changes and shifts within myself to manifest it. In other words, to become more in tune with what you want to have in your life. To live it emotionally already. Children don’t behave according to the model we tell them is right, they behave according to what they see in us as the model. The universe gives us not what we want, but what we are, what we radiate, what we focus on, what we feed with energy.

Or there are hidden agendas about money – that’s a chapter unto itself. I’ll give one agenda: if I’m rich, people will envy me and therefore they won’t like me anymore. And I need people to like me, so I won’t allow myself to have money, even if I meditate a million times on abundance, I just won’t allow myself to have a lot of money and I will always make a stop sign at a certain amount of income, period.

To really shift, we need to address the core, the hidden causes that we don’t even realize we have somewhere in our field.

What about you, what are your money programs? When I write that money corrupts character, does that ring a bell? 

If you want to sort out your agendas with me, we can do a consultation.

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