The Relationship Mysticism

One day you will.

And love will come.

So big… it will destroy you.

Crush you to pieces.

Tear you into tiny pieces and scatter them all – as far as your consciousness can reach.

Just to make you realize how far that consciousness goes.

You will be angry.

You will suffer.

You will cry.

You will beg.

You will bargain.

You will try.

You will promise.

You will threaten.

You will fight.

You will mock.

You will humiliate.

You will condescend.

Yourself and the other.

You will hurt.

Yourself and the other.

Until you’ve used up all the ammunition your lower self has.

And then it will happen.

There is no other way out.

There’s nothing else to try.

There are no other options.

You will surrender.

You give in.

You release.

You let go.

There’s no anger left.

No one to experience it.

And the tears that flow from your eyes come from the depths of unity.

You are love.

You always have been.

You just didn’t believe it.

Hundreds of lives.

Thousands of dimensions.

Millions of karmic records.

All burned up in a flash.

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About the Author

Marketa Maderova

As the author of a unique and complex method of energy work called Applied Mysticism I have helped hundreds to free themselves from lifelong lasting issues. Mysticism is my passion, love and life. I feel the most important you can do is to be fully present right here and right now. Read my story here >>

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