The Temple of your Soul’s Home

Do you ever feel tired of all the transformation?

Overwhelmed by the processes?

Always something going on, personal self-development, inner work on yourself, how to be a better person?

There’s a lot of mention of the Soul, and making it feel well.

I have a tip for you on how to meditate to make yours a little better.

It will give you a feeling of lightness, contentment, like you have wings and can breathe more freely ..

Warning: it has been tested on humans 🙂

Just try to imagine the Temple of the Home of your Soul.

It can be some place on this planet where you have felt at home.

Where you stepped off a train, plane, boat, car or jumped off a horse and immediately knew that you were right here, that you were yourself, in the right energy, that you were simply HOME.

You may not have physically found this place yet, you may still be longing for it, but your Soul knows it.

She knows where her song is sung.

Where she feels her Essence.

She will lead you there without question and without hesitation.

You just allow yourself to experience it.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to be shown the path or the stairs that will take you there.

It may be a meadow in the forest, it may be an energy temple on a cloud up in the sky, it may be a physical place anywhere on the planet.

Go there, go drink from the Chalice of Knowledge, let your Soul be saturated with your Essence, recharge your batteries, soak up the peace, like a lizard in the sunshine.

Let yourself be surprised how it feels.

Then breathe and return to the Sacred Here and Now, with the Peace of Love and Gratitude.

You can return to this Temple whenever you feel the need to.

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About the Author

Marketa Maderova

As the author of a unique and complex method of energy work called Applied Mysticism I have helped hundreds to free themselves from lifelong lasting issues. Mysticism is my passion, love and life. I feel the most important you can do is to be fully present right here and right now. Read my story here >>

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