I’ve been putting this article off for a few weeks. I didn’t want to write it. Quite frankly, it’s pretty disgusting.

Surely not for the faint of heart.

The last few weeks have brought together several different stories from people who don’t know each other. Their energies have led me to an identical space-time node, which I have named France in 1611.

It was always the same energy of brutal bloodshed they carried in their energy fields.

I saw many dismembered human bodies, blood, organs, some broken bodies, strewn variously over each other, over walls, over wooden beams. Lots of entities, traces of energy, ghosts, unrelieved pain and karmic layers to deal with in various places on the planet.

But this is not the trace of energy that started the story, on the contrary, this space-time node is only a mere consequence of completely different events in our story, for I have observed a secret ancient male cult.

They had a book with a precise manual on exactly how to proceed, so that they would be able to wrest a piece of power from the witch they had chosen, absorb that power into themselves, and thus become much more powerful magicians themselves.

The ritual, which they had gathered for in secret from time to time, consisted of torture, the gang rape of carefully selected witch, followed by a murder and a special treatment of her corpse, which I will not describe in details here. I will only mention that they removed the woman’s heart and bones and made a potion from them, which they then ceremoniously ingested.

In doing so, they drew into themselves a piece of the woman’s magical life force.

I don’t even need to tell you how much of a mess this is itself.

And what’s a major bummer is that the actors have those bits of the tortured women’s power integrated into their energy systems to this day.

Whether they are aware of it or not, some of them are even actively using it magically.

So these women, who are currently incarnated, without even knowing it, are still feeding the magical and life activities of those actors, who have probably also long forgotten about those ancient events (several of those actors are currently unincarnated, several are conscious magicians even today, and some of them don’t believe in esoteric stuff at all – but it doesn’t matter, because they have that sliver of the power of those women inside their system anyway).

For women, this manifests in the way that they are often tired, there is always some agenda running in the background “eating their battery”, the body reacts from time to time with panic, anxiety, or depression, there is a lifelong lack of something, there is no sense of the possibility of deeper trust in men – because there is a constant subconscious battle with men in the energetic field, driven by the never-ending need to fight back against men.

Relationships logically correspond to this, for the quality of relationships reflects these things quite noticeably.

Also, these women can’t adequately manifest their desires into the material level, in other words, they don’t materialize their achievements, there’s always some obstacle in their way. What works instantly for a friend just doesn’t work for them, something keeps getting in the way of the business – yes, I write in the business, because most of them are advanced witches who are already focused on materializing into matter. And if you want to be in any business, this is the fundamental thing that prevents you from succeeding.

Not having your whole basic life force with you, and therefore not being able to use it fully, logically affects all areas of your life, from health to relationships to business.

And I nurture all of this with you in the Inner sight meeting.

We are correcting karma, returning power, flying even into the fields of unincarnated souls around the planet…in short, we are completely straightening everything into absolute purity and love.

So that finally women can have this power back with them and use it effectively.

This will increase the flow of their energy field, take away the fatigue, also heal the subliminal struggle with men, help them materialize better…and make their magic power a few levels improved too.

I’m not pointing fingers to blame anyone. The history of the planet is full of events of this type, there are plenty of events in which we leave shards of our power. Often we don’t even have to look into the distant past and we can find plenty of our own traces of energy in situations that happened to us relatively recently.

If this topic resonates with you, come make an appointment with me too, this cleanse is trending big time right now.

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